About us


We are a Federally designated 501(c)3 non-profit agency devoted to the concept of implementing a multifaceted holistic approach to uplifting communities who have historically under-served and under-utilized and void of ownership and economic proliferation. In honor of one of the most successful and wealthiest African American communities in the United States during the Twentieth Century. We’ve unite independent people in our members community under one economic umbrella to promote commerce, entrepreneurship and business with the framework of one thought, one goal, one people.

On behalf of our membership, Board of Directors, and staff, it is with great pleasure that we work with and market brands to our various community organizations. BWSAZ works to improve the economic development of our business entrepreneurs and the communities we serve. BWSAZ Membership consists of volunteers from the BWSAZ community who donate their time to assist BWSAZ in various activities. Members serve a term of one year, beginning on the date they are approved for the Program. Members may continue to serve after the one-year term if agreed upon by the Members and BWSAZ.

The Black Wall Street Arizona, Inc Emissary Members Program is an opportunity for youth and business minded personalities to be a part of the BWSAZ Community by bringing our award-winning services to our community around the globe. If you want to make a change and are an advocate for the change, or if you’re just a leader of the passion that wants to spread and uplift your community, we want to equip and reward you. We want to work with dedicated and motivated Entrepreneur and corporate sponsors who have the same passion and drive that we do. With your corporate partnerships, we can increase your presence among those professionals through media marketing, monthly community events, and brand placement. In order to make this a success, we are presenting our community leaders your brand as a partnership with Black Wall Street Arizona, Inc. The offers is broken down in quarterly, bi annual, and annual based upon community status.

We ask the brand contribute and invest in Black Wall Street Arizona with a tax deduction financial gift, monthly pledge, or marketing materials. We look forward to creating a life long partnership in support of a global organization community.

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